WIFTIN hosts 100 female secondary school students at the film house cinema, Surulere Mall

The foundation for Women in film and television in Nigeria hosted about 100 female secondary school students in Surulere local Government for a movie screening at the film house cinema, Surulere mall on March 3rd 2017 to mark the international Women’s day.

The movie hidden figures was chosen as the most ideal for the international Women’s day theme for the year “Be Bold for change”

Hidden figures portray the different roles Women played in launching the first American in space. Told through the eyes of various Women who fought for what they believed in when skin colour determined societal status.

At the screening, WIFTIN unveiled the WIFTIN Art club project, an initiative aimed at educating and fostering professionalism in filmmaking and all other media in female secondary schools.


Mentorship Program

One of the key goals of WIFTIN is, to assist its members with professional training/learning opportunities that will have a positive impact on their career as a TV/Film/Video/Radio professional.

Our mentorship program is a means we want to use to provide this opportunity in-house. The mentorship program will feature established members who are top screen-based, creative and business professionals in the movie industry.

One on one mentoring: The scheme will run for one year during which time participants receive hours of mentoring contact with an experienced industry figure and an intensive program of exclusive seminars, training workshops on fields such as; cinematography, film editing, film production, film directing etc. and networking opportunities.

One to many mentoring: This holds quarterly and will feature the following business session, creative session, fundraising mentoring, career mentoring.


Wiftin Film Club

The WIFTIN Film Club is as an extracurricular activity for Adolescent Girls in public and community secondary schools. WIFTIN Film Club, therefore, offers adolescent girls in community secondary schools the needed platform and practical tools to succeed in life.

Due to their low-income background, these adolescent girls might never be able to afford to continue to acquire higher education. However, through this Film club, they will avoid pitfalls such as teenage pregnancy that befall other young girls.

The Film Club is a scalable poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship project. It has been structured to run concurrently with the traditional school curriculum. It provides beneficiaries with a definite option for success. By virtue of being a member of the film club, they can start working on movie locations immediately after secondary school.